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Verderair CONT-EX

The Verderair CONT EX air operated diaphragm pump is made of conductive polyethylene, standard ATEX certified and available in 4 sizes. Depending on the application, there is this air operated diaphragm pumps with ball valves (suitable for solids) or cylinder valves (higher suction lift).

Verderair CONT-EX

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. (discharge) pressure Max. temperature Max. Suction lift dry Max. Suction lift wet Technosheet


3.43 GPM 101.5 PSI 158 °F 0,7 feet 26.24 feet


5.55 GPM 101.5 PSI 158 °F 6.56 feet 26.24 feet


16.11 GPM 101.5 PSI 158 °F 9.84 feet 29.52 feet


27.74 GPM 101.5 PSI 158 °F 13.12 feet 29.52 feet