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Spare part kits for Verderair pumps

The Verderair pump was engineered to create long service life. However, regardless of the high quality standard, some parts are prone to wear and will need to be replaced over time. 

To ensure a minimum disruption to your production process, we advise you to keep the necessary spares in stock at your premises.
In case of emergencies Verderair can deliver right away from stock for most parts and our delivery service ensures a fast delivery. So your production process can be up and running quick again. 

Typical Verderair spare parts are diaphragms, valve seats, valves balls and valves flaps. For these and other spare parts that are subject to wear, we stock composed spare part kits. These kists ensure that all necessary parts are included, such as additional o-rings. For each model and each material choice a spare parts kit is available.

Do you need spare parts?

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