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Packo TP Rotary Lobe Truck Pumps

TP series provide higher capacity, higher pressure and unmatched efficiency on a variety of viscosities enabling faster unloading and loading. Optimal hygienic construction is realized with profiled gasket system, high grade 0.6㎛Ra surface finish and minimized-end seal area. Wetted parts are made of SS 316L. Front Loading Seal makes faster and easier maintenance without removing the rotor housing.

Advantages TP rotary pumps

Packo TP series rotary pumps are specifically designed for use on road tankers. Customer benefits include:

✔ Lightweight increasing product payload,
✔ High capacity
✔ Easy cleaning and maintenance. 

All parts in contact with the fluid are designed and manufactured in compliance with international sanitary standards. Spare parts are fully interchangeable enabling pumps to be serviced without the need for skilled technician. To meet widely varying application requirements Packo offers a variety of features and option to best serve related industry needs. 

Features Packo Truck Pumps

  • TP series have lighter body, higher efficiency and more saving fuel consumption than other truck pumps.
  • Female drive shaft accepts direct-coupled SAE B or C flanged hydraulic motors as an alternative to the standard PTO male shaft (TP330 series only).
Packo TP Rotary Lobe Truck Pumps

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. (discharge) pressure Port Speed Technosheet

TP 220-078-15

144.24 GPM 217.5 PSI 1.97 inch 700 rpm

TP 230-107-10

197.86 GPM 145 PSI 3.15 inch 700 rpm

TP 330-116-12

214.51 GPM 174 PSI 3.15 inch 700 rpm

TP 340-163-08

301.42 GPM 116 PSI 3.15 inch 700 rpm

TP 430-116-12

214.51 GPM 116 PSI 3.15 inch 700 rpm