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Seria śrubowych pomp Verderpro jest wynikiem ponad 30 lat doświadczenia z pompami wyporowymi. Szeroka gama pomp, uszczelnień i akcesoriów pozwala nam na dostarczanie możliwie najlepszych rozwiązań właściwie do każdego zastosowania. Wśród pompowanych mediów wymienić można m.in. ścieki, szlamy, osady, zagęszczacze, polimery, flokulanty

Advantages Verderpro progressive cavity pumps

√ The Verderpro product line includes a comprehensive series of pumps, macerators, and accessories.
√ Excellent for (waste) water treatment and the food industry.
√ Also including dosing units, vertical pumps and feed hopper pumps.

How do Verderpro progressive cavity pumps work? 

A progressing cavity (PC) pump employs a positive displacement principle. A typical PC features a suction inlet which feeds into an elongated casing. Within this casing sits a helical 'worm' rotor and stator assembly. The rotor helix is shaped off-set to the stator creating cavity spaces in the assembly which are formed by temporary seals as the rotor contacts the surface of the stator. As the rotor begins to move in an eccentric fashion, the cavities form, draw in product and are 'progressed' along the assembly and the product is expelled through the discharge port.    

Please click here for a more detailed explanation of how progressive cavity pumps work and the function principles


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