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About Verder

Verder Liquids ensures that your personal data is safe

Our (potential) customers are the most important aspect to our business. That is why we have taken great measures to ensure your data is safe, and will stay safe in the future.

How are we making sure your data is safe?


We have always made sure that your data was safe with us. But due to the new GDPR law, we have taken the opportunity to look closely at our business to see how we could improve this aspect. 

We are using a range of methods to ensure the customer data is kept safe and secure: 

A designated Data Protection Officer with oversight of how and why Verder Liquids collects and processes data. 

Updated data processing agreements with all parties involved with Verder Liquids to ensure maximum protection

A new privacy agreement, reflecting the requirements of GDPR, on every website of Verder Liquids

An updated cookie bar with options to include or exclude your data being used online

Strong internal processes regarding the handling and processing of customer data, regardless of which country you are from. 

We strongly believe these improvements will guarantee your data to be safe.