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About Verder

Verder creates pure drama at Paris opera

For the opera "La Nonne Sanglante" (The Bloody Non), Verder created drama in its purest form: the bloody effects in this spectacle were realized by a Verderflex M025 tube pump.

The story tells about  two lovers, both of rival families, that need to escape to be able to be together. After many adventures, when everything seems to end well, the spirit of the nun roams and asks for retribution. At the wedding party the ghost materializes and kills as satisfaction for past guilts, the father of the groom.

A happy ending so to say!

Verder advised and supplied two M025 tube pumps that created the perfect drama on stage. The pump is installed at the back of the singer underneath the dress, which is quite large, with a bag of fake blood. The power of the pump is connected to a battery, not visible to the audience. The tube is passing by the back and taped to go to the front, again under the dress. At the moment supreme, the singer presses the button and is completely covered in blood. The other pump is used as a back up.