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Packo produces centrifugal pump equivalent to more than 8 million bottles of beer per hour!

Packo produces centrifugal pump equivalent to more than 8 million bottles of beer per hour!

Packo Pumps has just successfully produced and tested his biggest pump ever.

This colossus, which is an extension of the current MCP3 & MFP3 range, weighs 1.6 ton, has a flow of 1200 m³/h and is driven by a motor of 200 kW.

The production was made possible thanks to the expansion of the test bank, which is part of a complete renewal of the test lab. For the reason that every pump is tested before they are shipped to the customer, an upgrade of the test bank was favorable to increase its range.

Packo is now able to produce pumps with flow rates up to 1600 m³/h at a maximum power of 250 kW.

When the renovation is fully completed, by the end of this year, it will even be possible to manufacture pumps with a flow rate up to 2000(!) m³/h.

Increasing demand for bigger pumps

Increasing production capacities, more efficient processes and larger food factories in general are the drivers for producing bigger food grade pumps at high efficiency. Finally it leads to an ideal solution for handling shear sensitive products (f.i. mash) while saving money on the electricity bill!

The tested pump will be installed in the largest dairy farm of Europe. For them it will be the biggest pump ever taken into production.

Setting a new standard

Also in breweries, beverage and juices industry and industries with filtration applications in general, the call for stainless steel pumps with a flow rate over 1000m³/h gets louder.

Thanks to, among other things, the European Regulation 1935/2004 EC Packo Pumps succeeds in supplying these markets successfully.

Packo is now the only player on the market that can offer a pump with such a large flow in a hygienic execution.

Because food regulations keep on tightening, Packo responds with these pumps. Moreover, they hope to set the standard in multiple areas.

For instance, look at breweries that mostly still use pumps in cast iron for higher flow rates. Hygienic pumps, like this one, could perfectly become the standard on the long term.

8 million beer bottles

One more fact about the pump to finish off. The average beer bottle contains 25cl beer. If we extend this fact to the pump of 2000 m³/h, we can state that the pump is capable of pumping 8 million beer bottles per hour! Feeling thirsty?