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Verderflex Reinforced Hose - Peristaltic Pumps

The successful use of hose pumps in a number of situations led Verder to develop a hose with an enhanced construction. Hoses in peristaltic pumps generally fail due to fatigue of the reinforcement layer. Verder hoses are specifically designed and manufactured to maximise fatigue resistance, resulting in an extremely long hose service life.

Verderflex Hose Specification: 

  • 12 standard hose sizes from 5mm (3/16”) to 125mm (5”)
  • All hoses are designed to maximize hose life by increasing the the hoses’ fatigue strength
  • Standard VF Hoses are available in Natural Rubber (NR), Nitrile Buna Rubber (NBR), Food Grade NBR (NBRF), EPDM and Hypalon® (CSM)
  • Hoses have colour coded identification tapes bonded into the outer surface during manufacture to clearly identify material type.

A pump’s flow rate is determined by the hose’s internal diameter and the pump’s rotor speed. The recovery (restitution) of the hose is determined primarily by the design of the re-enforcing layers. These re-enforcing layers provide maximum resistance to repeated compression and relaxation, thereby ensuring maximum hose life. This restitution also produces a suction side vacuum and this provides the hose pump with a very powerful dry priming mechanism, allowing high viscosity liquids to be pumped.

NR - Natural Rubber

Suitable for use with lightly corrosive chemicals, highly abrasive slurries and inorganic products.

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +80°C/+175°F

NBR - Nitrile Buna Rubber

The hose is particularly suitable for use with oily or fatty products and with organic materials. 

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +80°C/+175°F

Food Grade - NBRF

The NBRF hose has an FDA CFR21 & EC No. 1935/2004 approved food grade liner for use in hygienic applications.

Temperature range -20°C/-5°F to +80°C/+175°F


Deze slang is geschikt voor niet-organische of chemische producten. Robuust in ontwerp en volledig gemaakt van EPDM-rubber.

Temperatuurbereik: -20°C/-5°F tot +100°C/+210°F

Hypalon - CSM

De CSM of Hypalon® slang wordt gebruikt voor het verpompen van zeer corrosieve producten. Deze slang heeft een CSM binnenvoering en een SBR / NR coating.

Temperatuurbereik: -20°C/-5°F tot +85°C/+175°F


Alleen voor Dura pompen

Goede chemische weerstand en uitstekende mechanische eigenschappen

Temperatuurbereik:  10°C/50°F tot 85°C/185°F

FDA – CFR 21 Delen 170 tot 189 – Artikel 177.2600

Maximale druk - 3 Bar

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