Sites and Processes For Global Magdrive Pumps

Verdermag Global metallic centrifugal pumps are in operation in pumping processes all over the world including remote and hazardous sites that many other pumps would fail in.

Many of the sites and processes that Verdermag Global pumps are installed in are using high pressures, high temperatures, extremely aggressive fluids and environments where leaks are simply unacceptable.

Turnkey Systems

Verdermag Global have supplied magdrive centrifugal pumps to many major contracting organizations for Turnkey Systems supplied to engineering facilities, Gas and Oil companies all over the world.

Our design team can assist you with the pump requirements to meet corporate specifications and provide you with a tested, reliable pump with full documentation.

The most popular use for Global pumps in Turnkey Systems is for fast loop oil sampling, circulating crude oil and sour crude oil.

OEM Pumps

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are trusted by some of the world’s leading engineering and oil companies in fluid handling applications.

Our design team has developed OEM ranges to accommodate the directives and specifications for several of these companies, with Verdermag Global being their 'stock pump' of choice.

Typical OEM applications include circulation pumps in high pressure systems, CIP and thermal oil circulation.

Working with our supply partners and workshop, we deliver OEM pumps with very short lead times.

High pressure Global pumps for nanofiltration

Nanofiltration systems such as those found in desalination plants, battery manufacturing, water deionization and food and beverage production.

The Verdermag Global high pressure range of pumps have been installed in many filtration systems designed for purification of fluids such as lithium sulphate solution, seawater and brackish groundwater.

The Global high pressure range can perform at pressures of up to 200 bar and can be specified with compatible wet-side materials such as SS316, titanium, hastelloy or super duplex.

Verdermag Global has worked in close proximity with filtration sites and contractors to develop OEM pumps specifically for their organization – optimising the pump specifically for their system process.

Power Stations

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps have been specified in nuclear and coal-fired power stations in Europe and Asia to handle contaminated water. Global magdrive pumps have been specified by contractors supplying nuclear power stations with reactor cores due to their robust high quality casings and floating bearing design which is resilient to thermal shocks and delivers smooth, uninterrupted pumping performance, which is critical for handling dangerous fluids in hazardous areas.

The pumps are used in the reactor circulation system. For previous projects, Global pumps have been specified in hastelloy, however stainless steel and other alloys are available depending on requirements.

Thermal Oil Pump

Used extensively in the pharmaceutical and asphalt industry, thermal oils provide the required temperatures for efficient production.

The circulation of the oils requires a pump with tolerances for extremes of temperatures and the quick transition between them.

The MKII range of pumps has been used in thermal oil applications by leading pharmaceutical brands. The MKII range uses a 'floating' bearing design to accomodate changes in temperature. All Global pumps are 100% leak-free, ideal for 'searching' fluids such as thermal oil.

The leak-free nature of the Global range makes it highly suitable for OEM use in temporary skids where it is in close contact with the public/workforce.

The MKII range is suitable for contractors requiring an OEM pump solution that supplies the best quality to price ratio.

Manufacturing Plants

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps perform exceptionally well in many manufacturing processes.

The principal benefit is that the pump has a safe operation, which is critical when the pump is in close proximity to the workforce and where contamination of the working environment and machinery would be extremely dangerous.

Chemical and Polymer Production

For corrosive, hazardous fluids such as acid and solvent compounds transferred along process lines or between tankers and vessels, Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps provide the perfect solution.

Verdermag Global pumps provide safe and reliable transfer of fluids in manufacturing plants for chemicals and polymers, pesticide and insecticides, fertilizers, explosives, household products, paints and varnishes.

The pumping process is safe and reliable due to the 100% leak-free nature of the pumps as they are hermetically sealed providing complete containment of the fluid from the environment and workforce. Even at higher pressures and temperatures, the solid build quality and wet-side materials form a perfect pumping solution.

PetroChemical Refineries

Verdermag Global have produced centrifugal magdrive pumps which can be found everywhere from Statoil Scandinavian Oil fields to Malaysian exploratory laboratories. Where there is an oil handling process to be found, a Global is at its heart providing a flawless pumping operation.

Crude oil, condesate and sour crude oil have all been handled by Verdermag Global pumps in many leading oil organizations. From the offloading of a tanker, through the refinery and tanker filling, a Global provides 100% leak-free operation, conforms to oil organization’s specifications and gives ‘fit and forget’ trusted performance for many years.

Food Manufacturing and CIP Systems

For CIP systems, pumps are needed to handle highly aggressive chemical solutions. Typical fluids include sodium hydroxide, nitric, sodium hypochlorite or phosphoric solutions for scrubbing and flushing process lines.

Trusted by major pharmaceutical brands, food manufacturers, breweries and CIP contractors, Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps handle aggressive cleaning solutions at high temperatures and pressures.

Fast Loop Oil Sampling

The Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive metallic pumps are used in many fast loop sampling and blending systems. The high pressures involved in the recirculation of crude oil is of paramount importance to keep the homogenity of the sample for accurate measurement. The Global high pressure range can withstand differential pressures of up to 200 bar and are available in ATEX and NORSOK build specifications.

We have worked with the world’s leading contractors supplying every major oil company to deliver OEM magdrive pumps for each organization’s individual requirements.

Due to the remote locations and hazardous environments, Verdermag Global pumps are perfect thanks to its 100% leak-free design, renonwned reliability and ‘fit and forget’ operation

Tanker Offloading

Transfer of hazardous substances between sites by road or rail is an essential part of the UK economy. The cargo is often extremely hazardous and very valuable.

The transfer of the liquid from tanker to holding tank/IBC is a critical point for safety of personnel and the load. A leakage of highly aggressive chemicals is costly in time, clean-up and may cause damage to the site staff, equipment and the surroundings.

Verdermag Global pumps have been specified in several leading chemical manufacturers and refineries for transfer of fuel and chemicals. Global pumps were favoured due to the compatibility of materials and leak free nature - critical for employee safety and avoiding contamination of the immediate working environment.

Caustic and Nitric System Pumps

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are highly suitable for use in nitric and caustic systems. The design of a Global pump includes materials resistant to concentrated aggressive materials such as SS316, Titanium, Hastelloy or Super Duplex. Silicon carbide bearings and samarium cobalt magnets are specified to be resiliant with chemical solutions.

Typical applications for caustic and nitric systems include caustic injection in refineries, CIP systems, gas scrubbing, chemical recovery, electroplating and chemical processing.

Verdermag Global delivers exceptional pumping performance in these applications with robust construction, handling fluids at high pressures and temperatures and conformity to ATEX directives. 

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