Verdergear Process Max

The Verdergear Process Max series gear pumps will handle differential pressures to 24 bar and flows to 76 l/min. Its unique and durable design assures extended life even in high-pressure pumping applications where other gear pumps could fail. The Max Series pump features newly designed helical gears for smoother, quieter operation and intrinsic reduction of gear separation forces. The heavy duty shaft and bearing design make it last even when operating at high differential pressures for extended lengths of time. Its solid wrought construction and oversized heavy duty bolts will eliminate any possibility of the pump being distorted by piping misalignment. The pump mounting bracket is made from stainless steel to elimate corrosion even when exposed to the harshest environments. Since 1972 our gear pumps (Verdergear Process) are produced from the renowned manufacturer Liquiflo in the United States.

Verdergear Process Max

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max. particle size Certificates Technosheet

Max M0

1.5 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M1

3.8 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M2

9.4 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M3

13.1 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M4

19.7 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M5

33.5 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M6

46 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M7

58.5 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX 

Max M8

75 l/min 24,1 bar 260 °C 0 mm ATEX