Verderflex Vantage 3000

The Vantage range of peristaltic tube pumps is purpose built for dosing, small transfer and dispensing applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, laboratory and chemical production facilities. The range features 3 key models with options: Manual, analogue and digital controls, IP40 or IP66 casing for harsh environments, brushless motor type for 24 hour use with low noise tube size and flow rates from 2,9 ml/min to 1.3l/min.

Verderflex Vantage 3000

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max tube Certificates Technosheet

3000 EZ B

788 ml/min 2 bar 85 °C 8 mm

3000 EZ C

1310 ml/min 2 bar 85 °C 8 mm

3000 EZ P

1310 ml/min 2 bar 85 °C 8 mm

3000 S10 C

1,78 l/min 2 bar 85 °C 8 mm

3000 S10 P

1.78 l/min 2 bar 85 °C 8 mm

3000 R3I C

3.25 l/min 2 bar 85 °C 9,6 mm

3000 R3I P

3.25 l/min 2 bar 85 °C 9,6 mm