Verderbar P-Series

In contrast to other traditional dosing pumps, the piston diaphragm pump series Verderbar P provide a smooth, linear and pulsation free flow that meets and exceeds the API 675 requirements. The precise metering is achieved by regulation with a frequency inverter and eliminates the need for an inaccurate stroke adjustment. Thus the pump achieves a high level of reproducibility, linearity and accuracy. Traditional diaphragm metering pumps are equipped with a normal PTFE diaphragm that is subject to wear especially when pumping low temperature fluids. A worn membrane can cause inaccurate metering results and produces high maintenance costs. That is why Verder also offers other elastomeric materials for an excellent chemical resistance and a good flexibility in many different applications.

Piston Diaphragm Pump

Piston diaphragm pumps are the solution for high pressure applications and are distinguished by their great energy efficiency. Thanks to their almost pulsation-free flow and their robust design, they have already proven themselves in many industries. The unique operating principle of Verderbar piston diaphragm pumps enables low pulsation performance - also by solid-laden liquids.

Verderbar P-Series

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max. particle size Certificates Technosheet


78 l/h 103 bar 121 °C 0,5 mm ATEX, API 675 


237.4 l/h 103 bar 121 °C 0,1 mm ATEX, API 675 


242.1 l/h 172 bar 121 °C 0,5 mm ATEX, API 675 


714.9 l/h 69 bar 121 °C 0,8 mm ATEX, API 675 


1255.1 l/h 172 bar 121 °C 0,3 mm ATEX, API 675 


2634 l/h 69 bar 121 °C 1,5 mm ATEX, API 675 
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