Hydra-Cell P

The Hydra-cell P, made by Wanner Engineering, is designed for dosing in many applications. It is possible to pump a variety of liquids, from pure water to viscous liquids. Frequency-controlled pumps increase the reliability and accuracy of the application. The multi-diaphragm design is linear. Low pulsation flow is guaranteed. The pump complies with the API 675 standard.

Hydra-Cell P

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max. particle size Certificates Technosheet


78 l/h 103 bar 121 °C 0,5 mm ATEX, API 675 


237.4 l/h 103 bar 121 °C 0,1 mm ATEX, API 675 


242.1 l/h 172 bar 121 °C 0,5 mm ATEX, API 675 


714.9 l/h 69 bar 121 °C 0,8 mm ATEX, API 675 


1255.1 l/h 172 bar 121 °C 0,3 mm ATEX, API 675 


2634 l/h 69 bar 121 °C 1,5 mm ATEX, API 675