VGS 230V

Verdergear gear pumps are perfectly suitable for demanding applications in fluid transfer for dangerous liquids or expensive chemicals. They produce a very constant pulsation free flow without leackage. The magnetically driven gear pumps have no shaft seals and are 100% leakfree. The pumps are perfect for dosing and metering applications and ensure a repeatable and accurate flow. This execution is equipped with a 230V 1 phase variable speed drive. Motor includes a frequency controller and a forced vent. Different terminal box covers will be available with following operating elements: Power switch, right/left-button, start/stop-button, manual/external-button and a setpoint potentiometer for manual setting of speed between 0 and 100%. For External control analog signals 0-10V, 4-20 mA and a digital access RS485 are also available. RPM range of 50 – 5000 could smoothly realised at constant torque.

VGS 230V

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Technical data

Type Flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max. particle size Certificates Technosheet

VGS004 230V

4 l/h 2.8 bar 122 °C 0 mm

VGS006 230V

6 l/h 2.8 bar 122 °C 0 mm

VGS015 230V

15 l/h 17 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS040 230V

40 l/h 17 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS060 230V

60 l/h 17 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS096 230V

96 l/h 17 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS120 230V

120 l/h 13 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS200 230V

200 l/h 10 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS260 230V

260 l/h 7 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS330 230V

330 l/h 7 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS380 230V

380 l/h 7 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS430 230V

430 l/h 10 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS870 230V

870 l/h 7 bar 176 °C 0 mm

VGS1300 230V

1300 l/h 5 bar 176 °C 0 mm