Verdergear Process PFA

The PFA-Lined gear pumps series offer a durably constructed outer stainless Steel body with a heavily layered Fluoro-Polymer (PFA) internal lining. This highly chemically resistant PFA lining is mechanically attached and bonded to the internal stainless steel surfaces using a specialized molding process, effectively isolating the fluid being pumped from any metal surfaces. Fluoro-Polymers exhibit the highest corrosion resistance of any plastics. This combination of stainless steel on the outside and Fluoro-Polymer on the inside gives the Poly-Guard™ the full strength and integrity of a metal pump with the ultimate corrosion resistance of a Fluoro-Polymer. Since 1972 our gear pumps (Verdergear Process) are produced from the renowned manufacturer Liquiflo in the United States.

Verdergear Process PFA

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. temperature Max. particle size Certificates Technosheet


5.5 l/min 7 bar 93 °C 0 mm ATEX 


9.1 l/min 7 bar 93 °C 0 mm ATEX 


12.8 l/min 7 bar 93 °C 0 mm ATEX 


19.1 l/min 7 bar 93 °C 0 mm ATEX 


32.5 l/min 7 bar 93 °C 0 mm ATEX 


44.7 l/min 7 bar 93 °C 0 mm ATEX 


56.9 l/min 7 bar 93 °C 0 mm ATEX