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VerderGear (made by Kracht) gear pumps are suitable for pumping medium to high viscosity liquids which have a lubricating property. The pumps deliver a constant, non-pulsating flow of fluid which is easily reversible by changing the direction of rotation. The BT / BTH models are slowly running gear pumps for pumping medium to highly viscous fluids of various kinds. The liquids should have to have lubricating properties, to contain no solid particles and not to adversely affect the materials of the chemical pump. The pumps of the BT series are standard suitable for ATEX Zone 2 (3G) and ATEX Zone 1. The pumps can be used for pumping grease, molasses, finasse, chocolate and paint and ink products.

Gear pumps

The Verdergear pump range offers excellent solutions for high viscous fluids. The pumps are available with several other build options such as heating jackets, relief valves, special materials, base plates and more. A gear pump, is often used for pumping viscous liquids, but is also suitable for other applications. The pumps are excellent for handling of fluids of any viscosity that require a gentle, pulsation-free flow. Liquids with solids, lubricating as well as non-lubricating, Verdergear pumps are an excellent solution. Some applications are the transfer of chocolate and starch.

Max. flow 700 l/min
Max. discharge pressure 8 bar
Max. temperature 220 °C
Max. particle size 0 mm
Certificates ATEX 
Viscosity 30000 mPa.s

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