Other verderair accessoires

To improve the natural operation and functions of a diaphragm pump Verderair offers a series of accessories

Barrier Chambers (Verderair Pure only)

To have the optimum protection against diaphragm failure, the VA-Pure series of pumps can be equipped with barrier chambers. A non conductive neutral fluid is kept between 2 diaphragms to separate the pump liquid and the atmosphere. When the diaphragm at the side of the pumped liquid fails, the neutral liquid is mixed with the pumped liquid. A sensor will detect the change in conductivity and the control unit will generate a signal which can start an alarm and/or stop the pump. In case of a failure of the air-side diaphragm, the neutral liquid will flow away and a capacitive sensor will detect this and the control unit will generate an alarm signal.

Draining System (Verderair Pure only)

The Pure pumps of sizes 15-50 can be equipped with a draining system. This gives the possibility to drain the pump in line by operating a valve by hand or by a pneumatic signal.

Needle valves (Verderair VA)

To regulate the speed of an air operated diaphragm pump it is recommended to use a needle valve in the air supply to the pump. With this valve you can regulate the volume of air which is supplied to the pump, but is not limiting the pressure. So the pump will have full power available to move the fluid, only the speed of the pumping action will be regulated.

Pressure regulators (Verderair VA)

When the full air pressure is not necessary in your pumping application, you can use an air pressure regulator in the compressed air supply to the pump. By changing the pressure of the supplied air to the pump, you will change the working curve. At applications where a pump will stall against a closed discharge line, you will need less volume of air by setting the air-pressure regulators at the correct pressure level.

Oil water filters (Verderair VA)

Because of the working principle of an air operated diaphragm pump, compressed air will be decompressed inside the pump. By physical law, this will generate a cooling effect. When the supplied air is having a too high % of humidity, this will generate condensate. This condensate can damage the air-valve of the pump or by lower temperatures even create ice-forming at the muffler. By using an oil/water filter in the air line close to the pump, this can be limited.

Stroke counters (Verderair VA and Verderair Pure)

By applying a stroke counter a double diaphragm pump can be used for dosing applications. A REED switch will detect the strokes and give the signal to a controlling unit. This can be connected to a display to indicate the number of strokes or can be connected to for example a PLC to stop the pump automatically after a programmed number of strokes.

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