Advantages Twin Screw Pumps

 Flexible for various conditions at the best operating: from high to low viscous liquids
 A 2 in 1 pump: high speed range (up to 3,000rpm) of revolution ensures “2-in-1” operation for both products and CIP.
 Pulsation free for gentle treatment and high suction performance 
 Out shimming located between gearbox and casing reduces a lot of time-consumed rotor’s alignment.
 3-A & EHEDG certified and elastomers with FDA & EC1935/2004 complied.
 Integral geared adaptor can be coupled with B5, 4pole motor directly.
 Simple & easy maintenance with low service cost.
 Fully drainable front cover.

How Do Twin Screw Pumps Work?

A twin screw pump is a positive displacement pump what means that the pump is transferring a certain volume of product in accordance to the speed and pitch of the screws. While turning, the two screws are forming closed chambers that are moving in an axial direction. This movement creates a vacuum at inlet side and a pressure at the outlet. Due to this double chamber technic there is an almost pulsation free working with high and low viscosity products. 

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