Working Principle Dynamic Mixers

The Verdermix stainless steel axial and radial flow impellers are suitable for various mixing applications in all kind of industries. Both type of impellers are specifically designed in order to generate a typical flow pattern. With an axial flow impeller the liquid will run parallel to the blade while a radial flow impeller will show in general a perpendicular flow pattern. The dynamic mixers are installed in mixing tanks for mixing f.i. 2 different kind of liquids, solids in liquids, powder in liquids, etc.

Axial Flow

Axial flow impellers will generate a flow pattern parallel to the impeller shaft generating more fl ow and less shear so important for shear sensitive applications. They create top to bottom motion into the tank. 

Radial Flow

Radial flow impellers will discharge fluid to the vessel wall in a horizontal or radial direction generating less fl ow but higher shear. They move liquids and /or solids to the wall of the mixing tank

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