Specific applications of Static Mixers

  • Blending of different media
  • Mixing catalyst
  • Polyelectrolyte in waste water
  • Aromas
  • Paint & Lacquer/ dyes
  • Media with high solids concentration
  • Food 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hygienic applications
  • Sterile applications
  • CIP or SIP
  • Extremely high viscous media

Water treatment

Diluting polymers and blending diluted polymers into the (waste)water stream

Mixing water with chemicals, eg acids and /or caustics, for neutralization processes

Blending water streams of different natures into one homogeneous stream

A sizeable number of large mixers (750 mm. diameter) have been supplied for city heating lubes.

In this application, water streams of differing temperatures are blended into one stream of consistent temperature for accurate measurement

(Petro)chemical industry

Verdermix supplies metallic mixers with chemical resistant coating or with (conductive) PTFE lining. Suitable for aggressive media, still withstanding high pressures and high temperatures.

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