Applications Dynamic Mixers

  • Neutralisation in waste water plants
  • Coagulation in wastewater plants
  • Homogenisation of low viscous fluids
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Confectionery industry for continuous operation at high speeds in hot and viscous cacoa mixtures
  • Mixing fluids of higher viscosities
  • Heavy duty applications
  • Flocculation treatment
  • Reactor vessels
  • Homogenisation of solids in liquids

Neutralisation of waste water

In many wastewater treatment plants the water is neutralised by adding caustics and/or acids. By using high speed agitators, eg VNF or VSM, this process will be completed effectively and efficiently. Because the shaft coupling is oitted, type VSM can easily be protected from chemical attack by using non-ferrous-lining or chemical resistant coating over the shaft and mixing elements. 

The motor bearings can be protected by a non-metallic flange in combination with a sealing ring.

Optimisation of surface contact area in flocculants

In flocculation tanks, it is desirable to optimize the surface contact area of flocs and the particles in the threated liquid. However, the floc must not be damaged due to high tip speed. Type Verdermix VFG is ideal for such applications. 

Blending of different media in large tanks

Verdermix can easily adjust its direct or indirect driven agitators to side entry mixers. You do not need a heavy mixer with a long mixing shaft with this design. The side entry mixer is mounted sideways on the tank wall. A sealing lantern with mechanical seal is of course needed to prevent any leakage. 

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