Verderflex hose and tube pumps

Verderflex pumps stand apart from their competitors: reliable innovative, high performance, peristaltic pumps that pump difficult products in tough conditions.

Verderflex pumps are renowned for providing top-quality solutions to an array of problems, within process industries around the world. Used in Original Equipment Manufacture as custom solutions that can be incorporated wherever accurate dosing is required such as in vending machines. The Smart and Scientific models are easily programmable tube pumps and ideal for use with chemicals or in a laboratory setting. This range is complimented by the industrial tube pump range. Specifically designed to be used in hazardous areas, they provide a compact pumping solution for automated systems as standalone pumps or as part of Original Equipment Manufacture. These pumps have multiple power options and quick and easy tube change features. A range of tube materials are available to handle a range of different chemicals as well as hygienic options for food and beverage dispensing.

The Dura and VF hose pumps reliably pump the toughest fluids and are often found pumping slurry with high solid content from the mining industry to water plants.

The hose is the most important feature of any hose pump and Verderflex has designed its hose to be the longest lasting in the market, capable of withstanding corrosive and abrasive applications. The Verderflex hose can also be used in many other peristaltic pumps on the market, for more information visit the hose page.

Due to the often hazardous nature of the products pumped by Verderflex hose pumps, the range had been designed to provide maximum safety to the workforce and environment. Both the VF & the Dura’s hose connection is disaster-proof, totally containing the hose inside the pump casing – unlike other peristaltic pumps, eliminating any danger.

Verderflex pumps are incredibly accurate at dosing: they offer repeatable accuracy of ±1% without any slip. They also have a vacuum capability of 95% or a 9.5m / 31’ lift of water. Our largest peristaltic hose pump can pump 90m3/hour or 390 US GPM at pressures up to 16 Bar or 230 PSI.

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