Working Principle of a Centrifugal Magdrive Pump

Verdermag Global metallic centrifugal pumps are synchronous magnet-driven seal-less pumps. The motor drives the pump shaft which rotates the outer magnet. The outer magnet 'pulls' an inner magnet, exploiting the polarities in each of the magnet units. The inner magnet then rotates the impeller, creating a centrifugal flow of fluid into the process line.

The pump flow path creates a flooded unit, which in normal running conditions allows the pump to run for many years.

The Verdermag Global mag drive pumps are hermetically closed and therefore 100% leak free. There are no mechanical seals inside the pump. The principal advantage of a Global pump is that it the fluid and inner workings are completely contained from the environment with no risk of leaking. 

As our magdrive centrifugal pumps are so reliable they are often specified in Atex applications, chemical transfer, solvents, acids or aggressive fluids in tanker offloading.

Where Do The Cost Savings Occur?

  • No mechanical seals
  • Less maintenance
  • No clean-up

Verdermag Global centrifugal pumps are very simple to install. There is no need for the use of a flush system or thermo siphon unit.

There are no mechanical seals to replace or cost of labour for inspection and servicing.

As the unit is 100% leak free there is no cost of downtime in production, decontaminating the immediate working environment and potential litigation and bureaucratic costs.

Compared to shaft seal pumps, the Verdermag Global design team estimate a 15-50% cost saving over the pump's operating life depending on the type of sealing used in the process.

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