The Dairy Big 5

Packo RMO Series

This pump series is especially produced for installation on dairy lorries and trucks and are constructed on a stainless steel bearing pedestal. They can be equipped with a hydraulic motor or electric motor for battery use.

These perfectly cleanable pumps have stainless steel 316L pump casings constructed in thick cold rolled plate, 100% non-porous and extremely smooth. Some of them have an investment cast casing, resulting in an even more solid design.

Your benefits:

Low NPSH value: less risk on cavitation: low noise level
Very high capacity: low waiting times
Short build In dimensions: low weight
Robust design: smooth reliable operation
Cleanable design for low hygienic risk

Packo MFP3 Series

The Packo pumps of the MFP3 series are used on the most demanding hygienic high flow applications in the dairy industry. These robust pumps have stainless steel 316L cast pump casings and closed investment cast impellers, constructed in 316L or duplex materials.

Thanks to its crevice-free design and electropolishing as a final surface treatment, the MFP3 pump series are the ideal reliable component for your hygienic production process.

Your benefits:

High pump efficiency: low energy consumption
Highest hygienic flow: lowest production/filtration times
Cleanable electro polished design for low hygienic risk
Low NPSH value: less risk on cavitation
Robust design: smooth reliable operation

Packo Shear Mixer Pump

The Packo shear mixer pump is mainly used for in-line mixing, homogenisation and dispergation applications in dairy industry. Mixing of two liquids: with a large different specific gravity, having a large different viscosity or products that are difficult to mix.

The shear mixer is also a very good solution for dispersing solids in liquids to produce for example recombined milk.

Your benefits:

Highest efficiency: low energy consumption
Shear up to 100.000 s-1 in value for money execution.
Self pumping: 2 in 1 components
Cleanable electro polished design for low hygienic risk
Low noise level

Cheese Curd Pump

The pumping of cheese curd creates two major problems: The first problem is that the shear forces which affect the product must be reduced as much as possible in order to achieve as less cheese dust as possible.  Secondly, the already solid cheese must be pumped homogeneously and as efficient as possible with the liquid whey to the subsequent processes.

There is a risk that the low viscous whey phase separates from the solid cheese particles during pumping, which will in the end destroy the cheese curd.

Your benefits:

✔ Extra large cross-sections: for a smooth and continuous flow with minimum effect to the product
✔ Special heli-lobe rotors: for better sealing, less backflow, less pulsation and finally less shear
✔ Delivery volume up to 12 litres per revolution: minimizes speed and retention time of the product in the pump
✔ Easy handling: rotors and seals are accessible from the front, fast service without taking the pump out of the production line.
✔ Hygiene and cleanability: as with all our food pumps the highest standards have been applied - approved by 3A certification

Heli Lobes

Heli-lobe rotors achieve maximum hydraulic efficiency and a pulsation-free flow. Low cavitation limits lead to an increased suction capability and higher possible speeds. All this helps to protect your products and optimize your process.

Verder is the manufacturer who has the most application experience, as well as the most extensive knowledge about the complex manufacturing process of these unique rotors.

Your benefits:

✔ Pulsation: free product handling
✔ Low shear: perfect for sensitive products
✔ Low NPSH requirement: improved suction capabilities
✔ Extended sealing line: better efficiency
✔ Silent run – higher speed – higher performance

Unique heli-lobe rotors   -   Extended application experience – extensive technical knowledge

Verder – complete competence in hygienic pumping

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