Fluid applications for centrifugal pumps

Below is a list of fluids that have been handled using centrifugal pumps. Please note this just a snapshot of the fluids we have quoted for over the past 25 years! 



AminesFertilizer production
Butyl AcrylateChemical manufacturer
Caustic SodaCleaning and filtration, CIP, Chemical manufacturers, Tank/Silo offloading
Caustic WaterFluid transfer
Chromate SolutionPlastic and composite manufacturer
CondesateOil and gas process lines, gas turbines
Contaminated Water (Nuclear)Nuclear power stations
Copper SolutionPesticide and insecticide production
Crude Oil CondesateFast loop sampling
Crude Oil SourFast loop sampling
Crude OilFast loop sampling
CyclohexylamineChemical manufacturer
Dimethyl SulphateComponents manufacturing
DistilateAdhesives and surfacing
Effluent with acidsChemical manufacture
FormaldehydeTurnkey system
Freone refrigerantCoolant systems
GlycolAutomotive manufacturing
HexamineChemicals manufacturing
Hydrogen PeroxideChemicals manufacturing
KeroseneFuel transfer
Lithium SulphateRecirculation in process effleunt - Battery production
MethanolChemical manufacturing
Nitiric acidCIP, metals processing, Paints, coatings and chemcials manuafcturing
Nitro Diphenil AmineLubricants
OleumSulphuric acid production
PentaneChemical manufacturing
PhenolChemical manufacturing
Phosphorus TrichlorideChemical manufacturing
Potassium PermanganateOxidation treatment
PPD SolutionChemical and polymer production
StyreneChemical manufacturing
Sulphur monochlorideChemical manufacturing
Sulphuric 98%Electronics and battery manufacturing, Textiles, Process
Suphuryl ChlorideAgrochemical production
Syltherm XLTCooling systems
SyrupFood production
Thermal OilChemical production, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics
Toluene Di-IscoyanateTextiles and production of foam for furniture
ToluenePaints and coatings, fuel production, production of carbon

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