Fluid Applications For Centrifugal Pumps

Salt Water Pumps 

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are specified in nanofiltration and reverse osmosis applications for the recirculation of filtrate in a membrane system. The pump specification can be tailored for concentrated salt solutions including seawater. The high pressure range can run at differential pressures of 200bar.

Oil Pumps

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are used extensively in the oil extraction and petrochemical industries. Applications include recirculating oil in a fastloop sample system, onsite transfer and tanker transfer.

Thermal oil is handled in processes using controlled temperatures in pharmaceutical, food and beverage production. The Verdermag Global bearing design and seal-less nature is well suited for handling dangerous liquids as it is able to tolerate thermal shocks and keep liquid contained 100% leak free.

Gas Pumps

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are highly utlisied for the transfer of compressed liquid gases such as those used as automotive fuels (LPG), coolants and in turbines. The Global design can withstand the pressures necessary for the stable handling of gases as well as being 100% contained.

Acid Pumps

Acids are widely used in many industries. Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are used for pumping sulphuric acid, nitiric acid, hydrochloric acid and many more. For any acid application, the pump wet-side materials must be compatible . The Global range of pumps is available in material specifications suitable for most acids including SS316, Titanium, Hastelloy and Super Duplex.

The entire range of pumps is completely hermetically sealed for 100% leak free containment to the working environment.

Solvent Pumps

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are ideal for pumping solvents and volatile compounds. Solvents such as ammonia, glycerols, toluene and chloroform can be handled with no risk to the employees or working environment.

Verdermag Global pumps are hermetically sealed and are specified in ATEX rated zones due to their seal-less design and total containment of the fluid.

Chemical Pumps

Verdermag Global centrifugal magdrive pumps are the preferred chemical handling pump in many production facilities for branded chemicals or for handling in manufacturing industries such as electronics, fertilizers and pesticides.

Fluids such as Ethylene, Sodium Hydroxide or caustic solutions, Sodium Silicate, urea, chlorides and sulphates can be handled thanks to the wide choice of compatible materials and leak-free design. Many of the world’s leading chemical companies choose Verdermag Global for their chemical handling needs.

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