Problem Free Ultra Precise Dosing

  • Pressures to 7 bar / 105 PSI
  • Volumes from < 70 μl/min to 6600 ml/min
  • Precision dosing - 4000:1 turndown, 0.1 rpm speed increments to 400 rpm
  • Dose Hypo, Lime, Caustic, Soda Ash, Bisulphite, Ferric Chloride, PAA, Fluoride, Potassium Permanganate, Carbon Slurry, Most Flocculants, Reagents, Alkalis and Acids, Sugar Solutions, Flavourings and Essences
  • Remote Flow Control Options : 0-10V dc, 4 -20mA, SCADA, RS 485, Modbus & Profibus
  • Batch and dispensed volume dosing options
  • Rugged IP66 / NEMA 4X rated pump
  • Continuous tubing  for 2 bar / 30 PSI duty, Easy fit tube elements for 4 bar / 60 PSI & 7 bar /105 PSI higher pressures


Eliminate vapour locks and crystallisation from off-gassing liquids (Hypo)
Stop abrasive wear from solids laden slurries (Lime)
Enormous 4000:1 dosing range - Eliminate seasonal variations and dilution tanks
Runs dry without damage – no worries about burnt stators
Gentle pumping action – kind on flocculants and organic matter
Clogging free pumping of viscous chemicals and consistent suction - No special heavy balls or liquid ends - Superior viscous capability
Easy tube change in seconds, minimal maintenance interventions
True dry priming pump, no pre-wetting
Reduced ancillary equipment – no foot valves