Problem Free Low Pressure, High Volume Metering with No Lubricant Bath

  • Low Pressure to 2 or 4 bar / 30 or 60 PSI
  • High Volume to 24,500 l/h / 107 GPM
  • Low Installed Power - from  0.12kW to 4kW
  • Meter and transfer Hypo, Lime, Caustic, Soda Ash, Bisulphite, Ferric, PAA, Fluoride, Carbon Slurry Most Flocculants, Reagents, Alkalis and Acids, Creams, Fruit Pieces and Pastes
  • Compact high flow, low pressure, low power consumption design with double head & mobile pump options
  • Ideal for precise sampling for high volume analysers or process feed transfer


Low power design - low friction PTFE rollers and long life, low torque non-re-enforced hoses
Clean and Safe with Minimal Spillages - No Lubricant Bath – Pumped media stays inside the pump
Sensitive pumping - Gentle pumping action is kind to flocculants, live bacteria and delicate particles e.g. fruit pieces
Low maintenance - Eliminate vapour locks and crystallisation from off-gassing liquids (Hypo and Yeast) or damage from abrasive wear caused by solids laden slurries or suspended particles
No unscheduled Servicing. Clogging free pumping of viscous liquids, flavourings, additives and pastes - No special heavy balls or liquid ends - Superior viscous capability. Operator proof - Runs dry without damage
Minimal Downtime - Fast hose changeover in minutes for small batch sizes or regular cleaning - True dry priming pump to 8mwc, no pre-wetting
Flexible - Wide dosing range – turndowns > 10:1 via external or motor mounted inverter