Problem Free Precision High Pressure Low Volume Chemical Delivery

  • High Pressure to 10 bar / 145 PSI
  • Low Volume from <1 l/h to > 2350 l/h (¼ GPH to >10 GPM)
  • Dose Hypo, Lime, Caustic, Soda Ash, Bisulphite, Ferric, PAA, Fluoride, Carbon Slurry, Most Flocculants, Reagents, Alkalis and Acids


Eliminate vapour locks and crystallisation from off-gassing liquids (Hypo)
Stop abrasive wear from solids laden slurries (Lime)
Runs dry without damage
Gentle pumping action – kind on flocculants
Clogging free pumping of viscous chemicals - No special heavy balls or liquid ends - Superior viscous capability
Reduced maintenance interventions - Long service life Verderflex hose - True dry priming pump, no pre-wetting - Operators can service pump in situ – no skilled tradesmen or service centres
Wide dosing range – turndowns > 10:1
The best secondary containment – pumped media stays inside the pump
Reduced ancillary equipment – no foot valves
Compact heavy duty design