Overview Verderair Diaphragm Pumps

The air diaphragm pump is a versatile multi purpose pump that allows users in all industries to use one type of pump suitable for handling a wide range of fluids. As long as compressed air supply is available, the pump can be installed where it is needed. Regardless of whether the fluid to be handled requires smooth pumping or is chemically or physically aggressive, air driven diaphragm pumps provide an efficient and low maintenance solution.

The pump for all kinds of applications: the diaphragm pump!

The possibilities are demonstrated by their versatility in many different phases of production and processing - from raw ingredients in tanks to the transport of semi-finished and processed products. Compared to many other types of pumps, the air operated diaphragm pump has several unique capabilities: pumping shear-sensitive fluids, maintaining the movement of both low and high viscosity fluids, and leak-free operation. In many industries, all of this helps to reduce product loss and optimize plant uptime - all while maintaining the highest product quality.

Due to the small number of components, the installation is simple and the maintenance effort is considerably reduced. Our new-generation air control valves use less compressed air, resulting in lower operating costs. In addition, our air-operated diaphragm pumps are seal-less and leak-free, making them ideal for handling potentially hazardous fluids. If even more security is required, additional barrier chamber systems and sensors can be installed.

Functional principle of diaphragm pumps

A diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pump that uses two flexible diaphragms that move back and forth to form a temporary chamber. The flexible membranes suck liquid through the pump and repel it. They act as a partition between the air and the liquid and are connected to each other in the central region by a shaft.

Videos about the function principle of Diaphragm PUmps:

For abrasive and aggressive chemicals: Diaphragm pump VA PURE

Our Verderair Pure is designed to handle the most aggressive liquids in the most hazardous environments in the industry. These include concentrated acids and bases or even media with abrasive abrasive particles.

The reason why the diaphragm pumps are so well suited for these applications is because of the used material. The pumps are made of 100% pure PTFE or PE material so that no metallic components come into contact with the environment or the fluids. In addition, the entire unit is not cast, but consists of components built together to ensure a high degree of flexibility and less mechanical stress. This can increase both the efficiency of the pump and its life.

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