Packo ZLC Rotary Lobe Pump

The Packo ZLC lobe pump pharmaceutical process pump is 3A certified. These perfectly cleanable pumps can be applied in the most demanding sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic industry. All wetted parts in stainless steel 316L, 100% non porous and extremely smooth. Thanks to its crevice-free design and electropolishing as a final surface treatment, the ZLC pump is a perfectly cleanable and highly reliable component into your production process.

Advantages Packo ZLC Lobe pumps

✔ Fully drainable design
✔ Electropolished: perfectly cleanable
✔ Pumps in 1.4435 with delta ferrite < 3% available
✔ Easy & robust construction and easy maintenance: less downtime
✔ Fully certified (roughness value, FDA, USP, 3.1 for wetted parts, certificate of conformity, etc.)
✔ Pneumatic controlled Pressure Relieve Valve available
✔ Suitable for SIP

Features Packo Lobe Pumps

  • Fully drainable design
  • Different Rotor types available
  • FDA and USP certified seals
  • Product wetted parts in 316L 1.4404 (standard) or 1.4435 (optional)
  • Mechanical seals placed in flushed area for best cleanability
  • Gearbox in investment cast stainless steel available

Applications Packo ZLC Pumps

The ZLC is the ideal process pump for a wide range of applications, from cosmetic products such as shampoos, gels and personal hygiene products to medical and pharmaceutical substances that require the highest level of safety in terms of handling and hygiene.

Packo ZLC Rotary Lobe Pump

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Port Speed Technosheet


42 l/min 20 bar 25 mm 1000 rpm


83 l/min 20 bar 25 mm 1000 rpm


125 l/min 12 bar 40 mm 800 rpm


133 l/min 8 bar 50 mm 800 rpm


200 l/min 12 bar 50 mm 700 rpm


333 l/min 8 bar 65 mm 700 rpm


500 l/min 12 bar 80 mm 600 rpm


700 l/min 8 bar 100 mm 600 rpm


1133 l/min 12 bar 100 mm 500 rpm


1670 l/min 8 bar 125 mm 500 rpm