Verderflex OEM: The Green Solution

Centrego Ltd are an industry leader in Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) technology and have been producing cleaning solution generators for over 15 years. The disinfectant solution is made on site by mixing only salt and water in a process of electrolysis, making Centrego’s systems environmentally responsible. At low concentrations, the solution is stronger than bleach but is completely safe for use on any surface including human skin; it can even help with wound healing and skin irritations. The disinfectant can be used to clean all areas of the home or business therefore reducing the need for disposable cleaning products supplied in single use plastic bottles.

The problem

Centrego required a pump with high dosing accuracy to achieve uniform concentrations of the disinfectant in large volumes. A continuously reliable pump was crucial to ensure minimal disruption to the production process and to inevitably reduce less downtime as it was to be used in their industrial sized units.

The solution – Verderflex OEM MiniLoad

The Verderflex OEM MiniLoad pump was chosen; it was the perfect pump for the job as it is both reliable and accurate, not just once but time and time again. The Verderflex OEM range is a versatile programme of peristaltic pumps with applications in many sectors including the hygienic industry. We provided Centrego with the Verderflex MiniLoad OEM pump as it is available with different tube bore sizes and gearbox ratios. 

This allows the pump to match the needs of the Centrego product range with differing fixed flow requirements. This model is extremely user friendly - it uses fixed clamps for each size of tube giving ease of operational use and simple tool-less tube changes. As a result, the Verderflex MiniLoad pump leads to lower maintenance costs and increased efficiency of the production process.

Mark Higgins from Centrego said “we chose Verder products over other pumps on the market for our ‘Flow’ range because their engineers are among the most knowledgeable we have come across. After vigorous trials and testing we found that the Verderflex pump held up to the kind of demand that we required to meet our client expectations

The Verderflex OEM pumps can be adapted to suit many requirements within several markets, and we have the expert engineering and technical knowledge to make our pumps work for you.

To find out more, click the link to download the Verderflex OEM programme brochure.