The multi-phase pump is a combination of a standard centrifugal pump and a liquid ring pump both mounted together on 1 motor and 1 shaft. The centrifugal pump is used for pumping the liquid and brings the main performance of the pump. When a gas-bubble starts to build up in the eye of the centrifugal impeller, it is evacuated by the liquid ring impeller. The pump has 1 suction and 2 discharges: a main discharge of the centrifugal pump and a smaller discharge of the liquid ring pump that functions as an air and foam vent. The air/foam vent is typically connected back to the suction vessel. The GFP multi-phase pump is typically used for foamig liquids and (viscous) liquids containing gas in the food-industry. Offering a solution to liquids that are difficult to pump with standard centrifugal pumps. E.g. starch slurries & proteins

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Packo food pump series are used in the most demanding hygienic applications in almost all industries such as dairies, breweries, beverage industry and distilleries, etc. These perfectly cleanable process pumps are the ideal reliable component for filtration applications, pasteurisation, yeast propagation and for CIP cleaning systems as well.

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

Packo pumps perform better in many ways than the pumps of our competitors, due to its unique design, choice of materials and a high level of finishing. Together with our knowledge of the market, the Packo pumps make a true difference for our customers on food safety, electricity costs, easy maintenance and optimization of production processes.

Max. flow 400 m3/h
Differential head 30 m wc
Max. Inlet pressure 10 bar
Max. temperature 140 °C
Certificates EN 1935, FDA, EAC 
Max. particle size  
Viscosity 1000 cP