Packo high shear pump with open impeller and patented stator for moderate flow and pressure.

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The new, efficient high shear mixing method is based on the proven EHEDG certified Packo pump series FP2 with open impeller and series FP3 with closed impeller. The Packo shear mixer pump is mainly used for in-line mixing, homogenisation and dispergation applications. The shear is generated between the rotor and an innovative and optimized perforated stator (patented). The final goal is to achieve a homogeneous solution of two liquids with high difference in viscosity and or density and to obtain a significant particle size reduction for emulsions and particles leading to a more stable final product.

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

Packo pumps perform better in many ways than the pumps of our competitors, due to its unique design, choice of materials and a high level of finishing. Together with our knowledge of the market, the Packo pumps make a true difference for our customers on food safety, electricity costs, easy maintenance and optimization of production processes.

Max. flow 80 m3/h
Differential head 45 m wc
Max. Inlet pressure 10 bar
Max. temperature 140 °C
Certificates EN 1935, FDA, USP, ATEX 
Viscosity 1000 cP
Impeller type Open 
Max. drive power 11 kW
Speed 3600 rpm
Connections Hygienic and industrial connections 
Max. particle size reduction 2 µm
Max. shear up to 30000/s