The Packo submersible pump series IM are available in cantilever execution up to 0,5 m length but they are also available in an execution with support bushing till 1,5 m length. Particularly suitable for pumping liquids that are difficult to seal such as paints, varnishes, galvanic coatings, hot frying oil, etc. Generally they are used for surface treatment techniques, powder coating, passivation and degreasing as well as cooling and filtration systems and chemical industries. They are also used for pumping waste water from industrial waste such as CIP, acids, condensate, etc.

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The Packo Standard industrial pump range has a very high efficiency and very low NPSH. All pumps in this series are robust and easy to maintain. There are pump models in modular concept, composed with standard components, but also submersible and industrial air handling pumps are available.

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps

Packo pumps perform better in many ways than the pumps of our competitors, due to its unique design, choice of materials and a high level of finishing. Together with our knowledge of the market, the Packo pumps make a true difference for our customers on food safety, electricity costs, easy maintenance and optimization of production processes.

Max. flow 800 m3/h
Differential head 60 m wc
Max. pump length 0,5 m as cantilever pump
Max. temperature 200 °C
Certificates 1935/2004 EC 
Max. pump length 1,5 m with support bushing.
Max. particle size 45 mm
Viscosity 500 mPa.s
Speed 3000 rpm
Max. drive power 90 kW
Available frequency 50 / 60 Hz 
Connections BSP thread, industrial flanges acc. to EN 1092-1/01 
Impeller type Open, semi-open, closed 
Surface finish Industrial finish: welds are not hand polished. Final surface treatment: electropolished
Materials wetted parts Stainless steel 316L or similar