VA Electric Driven (EODD)

The Verderair EODD pumps (Electric Operated Double Diaphragm pumps) combines all advantages of an AODD with the energy efficiency of an electrically driven pump. Unique is the automatic stalling of the membranes against a closed discharge.

On top of that the pumps are ideal for applications that require low pulsations and a smooth flow due to the low pulse mode. The pumps are available in metallic and non-metallic materials, to be tailored for applications demanding resistance to aggressive chemicals and abrasive fluids.

VA Electric Driven (EODD)

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Technical data

Type Max. flow Max. discharge pressure Max. drive power Liquid connections Certificates Technosheet

VA-E25 non metallic

148 l/min 4,8 bar 1,5 kW Combi flange DIN PN10/16, DN25 - 1" Ansi 150  ATEX 

VA-E25 metallic

148 l/min 4,8 bar 1,5 kW 1" BSP/NPT  ATEX 

VA-E50 Non Metallic

378 l/min 7 bar 5,5 kW Combi flange DIN PN10/16, DN50 - 2" Ansi 150  ATEX 

VA-E50 Metallic

378 l/min 7 bar 5.5 kW 2" BSP/NPT  ATEX 

VA-E80 Non Metallic

830 l/min 4,8 bar 5,5 kW Combi flange DIN PN10/16, DN80 - 3" Ansi 150  ATEX 

VA-E80 Metallic

830 l/min 4,8 bar 5.5 kW 3'' BSP/NPT  ATEX