The Verdermag GLMD centrifugal mag drive pump is based on the same robust design as the GPMD model, however rather than a polypropylene body, it is available with a cast iron construction, ETFE lining and toughened drive assembly. The pump range provides high flow rates of up to 1500L/min.

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non metallic centrifugal pumps

The non-metallic Verdermag series of pumps comprises the heavy duty TB model, U, V&W series and the normal duty V-MD, GPMD and GLMD versions. All of our non-metallic mag drive models are hermetically sealed and are 100% leak-free. As with all series of Verdermag centrifugal pumps, emphasis is on maximum interchangeability and quality improvements, hence all products are covered by a two-year guarantee, as well as the standard Verder warranty package.

Centrifugal Pumps

Mag drive pumps provide peace of mind for any plant engineer requiring the safe pumping of hazardous or high temperature fluids. The mag drive working principle is 100% free of mechanical seals so all of the Verdermag models are 100% leak-free. Because of the excellent containment properties, mag drive pumps are often used with hazardous fluids such as acids, solvents and other chemicals, which pose a risk to the workforce or surrounding environment. Common industrial applications include chemical transfer, plating, etching, filtration, CIP, chemical injection of caustic and nitric solution and more.

Max. flow 90 m3/h
Differential head 40 m wc
Max. temperature 90 °C
Max. particle size 50 µm
Viscosity 50 cP
Max operating pressure 6 bar
Connections from DN25 to DN80 
Minimum operating temperature 0 °C

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