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TheZS series can be supplied in diverse types to meet the customer’s requirements. The standard type of ZS Series, the ‘integral type’ consists of integral geared adaptor with B5, 4 pole motor directly coupled. This provides the most cost & space effective solution, due to the size of 4P motor and higher efficiency instead of coupled with 6P or 8P motors and convenient to get with a quick delivery time.

Lobe & Twin Screw Pumps

Widely used in hygienic process industries, Packo (a Verder company) lobe pumps offer smooth low pulse pumping action for the transfer of both viscous and non-viscous fluids and shear sensitive media. Hygienic surface finishes, the self-draining capabilities, FDA conforming materials and specially designed hygienic sealing devices are all common features of JEC pumps.

Max. flow 270 l/min
Max. discharge pressure 12 bar
Port 2.5" x 2" 2" x 1.5" mm
Speed 3000 rpm