TP 220-078-15

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All four seal options shown above are accommodated by a universal rotor case providing inter-changeability even if retrospectively fitted.

Female drive shaft acceps direct-coupled SAE B or C flanged hydraulic motors as an alternative to the standard PTO male shaft (JTP300 series only)

Connections can be changed between the horizontal and vertical planes simply by moving the mounting feet. 

TP series provide higher capacity, higher pressure and unmatched efficiency on a variety of viscosities enabling faster unloading and loading. Optimal hygienic construction is realized with profiled gasket system, high grade 0.6㎛Ra surface finish and minimized-end seal area. Wetted parts are made of SS 316L. Front Loading Seal makes faster and easier maintenance without removing the rotor housing.

Lobe & Twin Screw Pumps

Widely used in hygienic process industries, Packo (a Verder company) lobe pumps offer smooth low pulse pumping action for the transfer of both viscous and non-viscous fluids and shear sensitive media. Hygienic surface finishes, the self-draining capabilities, FDA conforming materials and specially designed hygienic sealing devices are all common features of JEC pumps.

Max. flow 546 l/min
Max. discharge pressure 15 bar
Port 50 mm
Speed 700 rpm