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Fully self-draining pump head: no hold-up of process liquid or cleaning agents. Rapid de-contamination and product change-over. External rotor fixing - no internal crevices. Low-carbon 316L stainless-steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Hygienic seal ring for all static seals instead of O rings. Shaft seal design combines highest levels of containment with total product draining, no cavities, and front access for easy inspection and fast maintenance. Standard surface finish: 0.8µm (150 grit), with 0.5µ (240 grit) and electropolish options. Optional steam/sterile fluid barriers on joints and front cover sealing, for true aseptic processes. High efficiency to minimise damage to shear-sensitive low viscosity fluids.

Jabsco’s latest rotary positive displacement pump incorporates the very latest in hygienic design concepts in order to fulfill the ever increasing customer demands for improved cleanability, hygiene and sterilize ability. This 316 Stainless Steel design uses a bi-wing rotor or tri lobe design.

Port Size Inlet/ Outlet Standard 3" (76mm) Standard 4" (100mm) Enlarged
Displacement US Gallons (Litres) 25.1 Gallons (95 litre) @ 100 revs
Flow Rate US Gallons (litres) 180.7 GPM (684 LPM)
Operating Pressure 116 psi (8 bar)
Speed 720 max (rpm) 
Operating Temperature -22 to 284°F (-30 to 140°C)
Dimensions (H X W X D) 492 x 328 x 254 (mm)
Weight 75 (kg) 165 (lb) 
Body Materials 316L Stainless Steel
Rotor 316L Stainless Steel
Port Type All US and European standards
Seal Front-loaded single mechanical face-type seals of hygienic design. Materials include carbon and silicon carbide. Low-pressure flush seals use the same single mechanical seal with an additional housing. Double mechanical seals use all the components from s
Bearings High specification taper roller bearings
Approvals EHEDG CIP, SIP and Bacterial tightness protocols; 3A sanitary standards 18-03 and 02-11; uses materials that meet FDA title 21, section 177.1550