VE Panels

Verder pumps range has varied and different models for different applications from water treatment, to drinking water to swimming pool. Several of the Verderdos and Verderflex units can be mounted on pre- assembled panels, complete of all the needed accessories to be put in place and ready to be turned on. All the panels are wired and IP65 with easy to reach connections and simple sliding brackets to remove the units, if maintenance or replacement is needed. Panels are ideal when the dosing and reading point are close to one another and space is an issue, but also to speed up the set up of the system and save time and money. All base configurations can be customized following customer request.

VE Panels

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Technical data

Type Max. térfogatáram Max. (kilépő) nyomás Pump head material Csatlakozások Valves material Technosheet


 l/h 5 bar PVDF  4x6 mm PVDF 


10 l/h 5 bar PVDF  4x6 mm PVDF