Pulsations dampeners

Air operated double diaphragm pumps are having a pulsating flow. This will lead to increased pipeline losses due to the pressure changes in the pipeline. In processes were pulsations in the fluid stream needs to be minimized, Verderair pulsation dampeners needs to be used. By correct use, those dampeners will reduce the pulsations for 95 %.

Verderair pulsation dampeners are made from UHMW polyethylene, 100 % virgin PTFE or both materials in a conductive version to be used in ATEX environments. They are using a PTFE or EPDM diaphragm which is separating the pumped liquid from the air supply. 

The Verderair pulsation dampeners are active dampeners, this means they will act on changing pumping conditions the same way as the pump will react. The dampener is having a double working method: first the air in the air chamber will be compressed by the diaphragm which is pushed up by the liquid pulse. At the end of the pump stroke, compressed air will push down the diaphragm to push the liquid out of the dampener. 

By using this combined function, the Verderair dampeners are not only dampening the fluid pulse in an optimum way, but in addition they are using only a very small amount of compressed air!

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