Air Control Pro

AODD pumps are very user friendly. Although they are very tolerant to the quality of compressed air and the way the pumps are operated, the life time of the pump can be improved by using the Air control pro devices of Verderair. The modular construction of this range makes it possible to combine the different units, depending on your needs to operate your double diaphragm pump.

The air control pro system is a useful accessory which has an on/off switch, pressure regulator with filter, throttle valve and soft start valve. The pump can be started and maintained at the correct pressure with no further instrumentation required to protect the pump and e.g. filter press against over-pressure.

The following units are available:

3/2 way manual on/off valves
3/2 way electrical operated on/off valves
Filter - regulator with plastic bowl and semi-automatic drain
Soft start valves
Throttling valves


Air Control Pro in use

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