Packo ZL Rotary Lobe Pumps

ZL series are designed for broad applications spectrum covering dairies, foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, bakeries, detergents, liquors and chemical industries. They are designed specifically for conveying fluids in the low to high viscosity range with gentle product handling. Each series of the Packo rotary lobe pumps is, in its field, a state-of-the-art. The pumps can be fitted with a variety of features and rotors to adapt to almost all hygienic pumping tasks. The pumps can be customized for an optimum function or performance to your process.

Advantages Packo ZL Lobe pumps

Every feature on the ZL range has been specifcally designed to make dismantling (for inspection, maintenance or cleaning) quicker, easier and cheaper. 

✔ The forward-seal position places the seals in direct contact with CIP fluids.
✔ Superior seal cleanliness lengthens seal life and minimizes seal flaking (product contamination).
✔ And because the seals are located directly behind the rotors, areas of product entrapment are eliminated for superior hygienic performance. 

In fact, the ZL has the EHEDG (european Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) certificate for cleanliness from the TNO lab in the Netherlands. 

Features Packo Lobe Pumps

  • With high grade 0.6㎛Ra surface finish, unique seal and casing design, ZL series are suitable for Cleaning In Place (CIP) and offer exceptional levels of hygiene.
  • Wetted parts are made of SS 316L.
  • Our broad range of seal options such as mechanical seal, O-ring seal and Lip seal provides optimal solution for your need and application.
  • Optimal CIP is realized with O-ring position which prevent dead corners between front cover and casing.

Packo lobe pumps always provide various rotors to meet diverse customer’s requirements (single wing, bi-wing, bi-lobe, tri-lobe, multi-lobe, heli-lobe and spur gear). A variety of connection options are available such as SMS, RJT, DIN, ISO, Tri-Clamp and flanges.

Packo ZL Rotary Lobe Pumps

Curious about the price of a lobe pump?

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Technical data

Type Max. térfogatáram Max. (kilépő) nyomás Port Fordulatszám Technosheet


20 l/min 20 bar 25 mm 1000 rpm


50 l/min 20 bar 25 mm 1000 rpm


96 l/min 12 bar 38 mm 800 rpm


168 l/min 8 bar 50 mm 800 rpm


287 l/min 12 bar 50 mm 700 rpm


434 l/min 8 bar 63 mm 700 rpm


612 l/min 12 bar 76 mm 600 rpm


864 l/min 8 bar 100 mm 600 rpm


1135 l/min 12 bar 100 mm 500 rpm


1670 l/min 8 bar 125 mm 500 rpm


3600 l/min 4 bar 150 mm 300 rpm