Screw Pump Working Principle

What are screw pumps? Screw pumps belong to the positive displacement pump principle and use one, or more, screws to move fluids or solids along the screw(s) axis. Historically, the pump was invented by Archimedes for transferring water on the field to a higher level. Nowadays, we use this pump in many hygienic applications like food, diary, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. 

Why Choose a Twin Screw Pump?

The twin screw pumps offer a great feature that they can operate over a large speedrange. With this feature, these pumps can have a dual function in hygienic application pumping the product at low speed and the CIP fluid at high speed so No additional CIP pump is needed. Due to the design, the twin screw pump can deliver a pulsation free flow on low viscosity product (<1cP), volatile and gaseous fluids. Also as a result of the design these pumps are able to create a high vacuum causing the pump to be self-priming. The JEC twin screw pump is developed according the highest hygienic specification such as EHEDG and 3A and fulfils the utmost hygienic and efficiency requirements for the most delicate hygienic applications!

Applications Twin Screw Pump

  • To pump structure sensitive products
  • Pumping fluids with solids
  • Multiple use, operate at low capacities with low RPM's and high RPM’s for CIP cleaning
  • For applications where high viscous products, as well as low viscous products need to be pumped under high pressure. 
  • Applications where you need a pulsation free flow

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Twin Screw Pumps