Heli-lobe Technology

Heli-lobe rotors achieve maximum hydraulic efficiency and a pulsation-free flow. Low cavitation limits lead to an increased suction capability and higher possible speeds. All this helps to protect your products and optimize your process.

Pulse free pumping

The pulsefree pumping action of the Packo pumps results in an increased life time and at the same time reduces maintenance cost. The noise and vibration levels are also minimized to a minimum.

Increased capacity / Hi-flow

Packo rotary lobe pumps have higher speed limits and therefore offer and increased flow rating and an increased capacity.

Increased suction capability

Decreased cavitation limits, achieved by avoiding the dead space at the discharge port ensure smooth flow paths and in the suction capability.

Upgraded heli-lobe

The standard lobe types can be upgraded easily from normal lobes such as bi, tri or multi to helilobe rotors without the necessity to adjust the timing. Various rotor and screw ranges

We provide different rotors and screw designs for almost every application and challenge such as:

  • Low or high viscous liquids
  • Shear sensitive products
  • Products with solid content
  • Critical low NPSH values

Highest flow, lowest shear technology

A high flow design, developed especially for the transfer of very high flows/very shear sensitive products, pumping gently and slowly, such as cheese curd. Lowest shear, not damaging the product. Also models available with heli-lobe and reinforced front bearing.

Verder is the manufacturer who has the most application experience, as well as the most extensive knowledge about the complex manufacturing process of these unique rotors.

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