Verderflex Vantage 5000: ease of programming for dosing or metering pumps

Easy programming and precision dosing, the Verderflex® Vantage 5000 offers revolutionary advantages over traditional cased tube pumps. Based on most reliable peristaltic pumping technique, the advanced Verderflex®  Vantage 5000 not only has enough internal memory to save up to 30 dosing programs, but also allows users to back-up job files and download pump histories through its USB data-port. 

Peristaltic pump Verderflex Rollit 25 Pumping Viscous Abrasive Resin

Viscous and abrasive: perfect matches for the peristaltic pump: Verderflex Rollit. The combination of a viscous melamine resin with abrasive additives such as Micro Corundum and Corundum makes this an ideal application for a peristaltic pump such as the Verderflex Rollit.


Peristaltic Pump: Replace the Hose in under two minutes!

A 1 minute hose removal from the new Verderflex Rollit pump using simple tools. The fast hose change with no requirement for drainage of lubricant is ideal for where hoses require frequent cleaning or changing such as printing presses, pharmaceutical lines or in food production. This video shows you in under a minute how to change the peristaltic pump hose  with the use of just simple tools. 

How Peristaltic pumps can meet your process requirements

The versatility of the Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps. is demonstrated in this video. We have conducted over fifty years of research and development which lead to the innovative peristaltic pumps we manufacture today.

How to change a hose on the Verderflex Dura

The Verderflex Dura hose pump has an innovative port flange design that makes changing the hose quick and easy. Reducing downtime and keeping costs to a minimum. In this video you can see how you can replace the hose. 

An introduction to the Verderflex Peristaltic Pump Dura 55

The Verderflex Dura 55 peristaltic hose pump is the last addition to the Dura family, offering second generation hose pump technology. Offering the market 20% more performance, high flow rates, lower maintenance. Reducing your overall life cycle costs.

Peristaltic pumps best practice video pipe work

A training video from Verderflex showing the best practice for pipe work used with peristaltic pumps. To avoid putting undue strain and stress on your peristaltic pump, always ensure that there is a straight length of pipe immediatley before the pump flange.

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