Peristaltic hose pumps such as the VF and Dura, require lubrication to work effectively and to maximise the service life of the hose. Verderflex have developed Verderlube and Verdersil high performance lubricants, which is specifically designed to work with the Verderflex hose range. Additionally, the textured surface of the Verderflex hose creates micropockets of lubrication which promotes even coverage along the hose, assisting in the hose cooling process and extending hose life.

Verderflex have two standard lubricants covering the majority of all applications however, if you require an alternative lubricant please contact us and we will be able to offer advice on the most suitable product.

Verderlube - Glycerine based lubricant

Verderlube is a specially formulated food grade lubricant containing glycerine. This lubricant promotes heat transfer from the hose to the pump casing to maximise hose life.

The lubricant is blue in colour and can be used at temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C  (-50°F to 122°F).

Verdersil - Silicon based lubricant

In most cases Verderlube is a very stable compound, but where it could react adversely or dangerously when mixed with certain nitrogenous compounds (such as Nitric Acid), strong oxidising agents (Peroxides) and certain other exothermic reactants chemicals including Potassium Permanganate. Then an alternate lubricant is required.

In these cases or at elevated temperatures, Verderflex recommends use of a food grade silicone oil based product, Verdersil.

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