OEM waste water sampling and analyzing: Verderflex Rapide offers benefits

For a British company that develops, manufactures and installs environmental monitoring systems, Verder supplies the semi-industrial Verderflex Rapide R12 and Verderflex R3DC OEM peristaltic pump units to sample river water. The kiosks are being used as stations at lakes and rivers, for analysis. Also mobile devices have been developed.

Benefits of the applied Verderflex pumps:

  • Aluminium bodied: robust design compared to plastic housings
  • Continuous tubing: easy replacent, best avoiding risks of contamination

A solar panel and battery guarantee the power supply to the 12vDC powered R3DC pumps where there is no AC supply at the un-manned stations. Periodically, water is pumped to a collection point where a number of sensors are installed and these sensors analyse the river water for pollution and water quality. The water is then pumped back from the collection point to avoid the creation of biofilm, maintaining clean sensors. From the inlet of water, through the pumps and up to the sensors, a single continuous tube can be used, which would eliminate the risk of contamination of the water sample.

Mobile devices using the Verderflex R3DC OEM peristaltic pumps are mounted on the outside of the mobile cases, and can be deployed to investigate reports of pollution in multiple positions along the riverbank. These mobile units require a sturdy pump. The aluminium bodied R3DC pumps are definitely up to the job.
We would be happy to find together with you the best solution for your OEM application. To have an idea of our possibilities you will find some examples the possibilties.

Other Pump OEM examples are:

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