Why are Verderair diaphragm pumps so efficient?

it is a fact that double diaphragm pumps are not the most efficient pumps on the market.  However, a double diaphragm pump can be the best solution for applications that require more than fluid transfer or a liquid that contains solids, viscous or sticky media. 

The volumetric Verderair aire operated diaphragm pumps are constructed to be the most efficient double diaphragm pumps. 

The Verderair double diaphragm pumps bring you:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Improved working environment

Technically this results in a:

  • Higher flow rate
  • Lower air consumption
  • Less maintenance

Why is Verderair considered the most efficient AODD pump?

  • Rapid acting air valves & innovative design of air chambers
  • The innovative flow pattern

There is a tendency to use electronic stroke controllers to make double diaphragm pumps more efficient. Some of the pumps become more efficient, but the maintenance procedure will be more difficult and the pumps will be more expensive to purchase. Verderair air operated pumps are engineered to perform extremely efficient without the use of ancillary/ additional equipment. 

The air valves are designed to have the quickest switchover in the double diaphragm pump market. No compressed air is consumed after the diaphragm stroke action is finished and before the air valve is switched over. 

In addition, special care is taken to remove the used compressed air as quick as possible out of the pump. Verderair air operated pumps have an innovative flow pattern to minimize internal friction losses. These design features ensure that the compressed air is only used to move the liquid and not to compensate for friction losses.

This results in a double diaphragm pump using less compressed air, pumping more liquid with no extra additional tools! This makes Verderair the most efficient AODD pump!

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